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Edge Consulting. Delivering business value through technology.

Edge Consulting brings independent oversight to IT solutions. We work with our clients to assess issues and action logical and practical solutions. We walk the talk.

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What we do

Edge Consulting specialises in four key service areas in business technology. Our clients receive independent consulting throughout the entire process, with no stone left unturned.

Powered by experience, Edge Consulting is your strategic partner in technology. It’s consulting how it should be.

Business and IT Management Services

Edge Consulting offers a range of management services, from enterprise architecture through to digital transformation and operational management, upholding and working to your business goals and values.

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Project and Programme Management Services

Systematic, controlled and with excellent communication, Edge Consulting will progress your projects and help staff adapt to change efficiently and effectively. Let’s move your projects forward!

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Procurement Services and Contract Management

Our dedicated consultants will take the pressure off your team and assist you through the tender development, information gathering and documentation creation progressions. We help you make informed decisions throughout the process.

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Technology Services

With extensive technical expertise, our team offers valuable guidance and practical solutions including operational management tasks, vendor relationships and technology deployments; ensuring realistic solutions, always.

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Real People, Real Solutions.

At Edge Consulting, we cut the jargon and work seamlessly to improve business efficiency, with the occasional morning tea shout thrown in for good measure.

Case Studies

“We need assistance to replace our existing PBX and Contact Centre platforms”

Missed calls, dropped calls - its stuff of nightmares for a busy call centre, and to top it all off staff lost confidence in their own platform. Here’s how Edge Consulting worked with this client producing an exceptional result…

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“We required assistance in migrating to a cloud-based hosting partner”

A research organisation with a huge amount of research data over multiple sites needed a highly specialised service option with an exceptional vendor selection process and focused project management.

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“We need to replace our WAN to improve performance, move to a managed connectivity service and reduce costs”

Edge Consulting know just how important a robust connectivity strategy can change outcomes throughout the business. Read more for how our Edge team changed this business.

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Who we are

Our team of 10 consultants has years of experience, coupled with the energy and drive of a new business. We encourage the same values for our staff as in our business and believe it is important for each person to bring their authentic selves to work, to draw on their own experiences and take pride the value they bring to their work. Our team give us the Edge.

Latest Insights

Are you sure your telco bills are accurate?

Recently we sent an email to you explaining how we can check your telecommunications services to ensure you are only paying for what you need, and make recommendations for new or service variations,Read more

Is your organisation paying for unused telecommunication services?

We have noticed that many organisations fail to audit and take action on the recurring services that make up their telecommunications invoice. It is almost always a combination of being busy on otherRead more

Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a logical extension for organisations who have invested in Teams and want to provide a compatible meeting room, video conferencing environment. They help remote participantsRead more

Is it time to review your telecommunications?

The major Telecommunications companies in the industry are currently going through significant changes.  This includes the services they provide and support, the way they support customers and theirRead more

Thinking of a fit for purpose Project Management Office for your organisation?

At Edge Communications we have a specialist team that implements ICT projects for clients. At times these can be challenging, but that’s what we love about our role! We have made some generalRead more

Print and Scan Technology Replacement

Most IT departments find themselves managing their organisation’s photocopier (print/scanning) replacement programme, generally via an open market tender every 3 – 5 years. This print & scanningRead more

Edge Communications continues to grow its consulting resource

We are delighted to welcome Greg Jones to the Edge Communications Team. As a CIO, Greg will expand our capability to deliver ICT Strategy for our clients who will also benefit from having access to aRead more

PBX replacement options and considerations

As independent consultants we are open to what solutions customers adopt, so long as it is the best one for their organisation. That said, our observation is that organisations are adopting MicrosoftRead more

Telecommunication Voice and Data Trends 2020

As an independent consulting company, we have the privilege of working with many organisations. This independence means we sit on the customer side of strategy, reviews, requirements gathering, andRead more

What do successful IT projects have in common?

The thing about IT projects is that they are all fundamentally very similar, they have several phases starting with initiation through to celebrating the outcome at the completion. Most competentRead more

Microsoft's new Datacentre opens up options for the next generation of cloud migrations

Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, it has become apparent that the way we use many of our in-country cloud deployments are still fairly “mantronic”.  Service activities slowed as platforms wereRead more

5 tips to help your PMO successfully manage projects and teams with remote working

COVID-19 is not only having a devastating impact around the world but it’s affecting how teams work and communicate. With isolation rules in place worldwide, organisation’s staff, including ProjeRead more

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