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Print and Scan Technology Replacement

Your fleet Print and Scanning technology replacement doesn’t need to be a painful task!

Most IT departments find themselves managing their organisation’s photocopier (print/scanning) replacement programme, generally via an open market tender every 3 – 5 years. This print & scanning fleet replacement can be a very time-consuming task and is often rushed when the existing contract end of term deadline approaches.

The Edge Communications team believe there is an approach that can save time and effort and deliver great results for any organisation.

Edge Communications Print and Scanning Procurement framework

  • We help analyse your organisations current print volumes. The global trend is a significant reduction annually in the amount of printing and a focus on online documents

  • We suggest setting goals for a reduction in printing for each department – this should be part of the organisations overall targets for reducing waste and a focus on the environment

  • We encourage rationalising the number of printers in your fleet – often achieved by repositioning MFD’s (Multi-Function Devices)

  • We encourage engagement with key stakeholders in your business to capture their printing requirements and gather feedback on current printing devices, support, and service levels. Note: It is sometimes more economic to outsource very complex printing jobs rather than try and accommodate with high end in-house technology.

Why use our services?

  • Our experience in this area has allowed us to develop the Edge Communications Print and Scanning RFP Proposal Templates. This reduces the effort needed by your staff and saves significant time in the process.

  • Our vendor scoring matrix will ensure your evaluation panel focuses on the key aspects of the RFP responses and consistent scoring

  • Using our reference checking questionnaire will ensure the appropriate and important questions are asking when reference checking

  • As required, we can assist and or facilitate contract negotiations with the preferred vendor.

    Note: If you are a Local Government organisation or your organisation is eligible to join the MBIE AOG - Secondary Procurement Process, procurement can be a shorter process if you decide to use the AOG – SPP.  Print products and services including panel suppliers have already been established for participants, along with published AOG rates.

    If your organisation is facing a print and scanning technology fleet refresh, talk with us and we may be able to save your significant time and effort.


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