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Is it time to review your telecommunications?

The major Telecommunications companies in the industry are currently going through significant changes.  This includes the services they provide and support, the way they support customers and their key personnel.

This is driving many of our clients to reassess their Telecommunications needs and just as importantly, which Telco partner can deliver the value they expect and therefore who they want to partner with going forward.

If you are questioning whether your organisation is getting the best value and services from your current Telco partner, Edge Communications may be able to assist you. We provide:

  • Practical advice and market analysis

  • Tender services

  • Commercial review of offers

  • Implementation management.

Why seek independent support and assistance from Edge Communications to analyse your current telecommunications services and help assess your future requirements?

  • When considering your options around Mobile, WAN, fixed voice and UCC services, including choosing a Telco partner, analysis and knowledge of your current services and ultisation will provide you with definitive information and clarity about your current Telecommunications environment

  • With the changing telecommunications landscape and evolution of services, it is also important to access your future requirements

  • Our analysis, requirements focus and industry knowledge allows us to develop a targeted specifications and requirements document with you. With this you can go to the market confident you will get comparative and competitive proposal from responding vendors

  • Our proven procurement process that asks the right questions and focuses on a respectful engagement with vendors to get the best possible result.

 I would welcome the opportunity to sit down with you over a coffee and share our experience of the market. Helping our clients optimise and evolve their communications and collaboration environment is what we do.

Feel free to call or email me to discuss.

Regards, Kerry McFetridge

021 436550