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Enterprise Architecture

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Using smart tools, experienced insights and a pragmatic approach, we focus on the delivery of improvements.

Edge Consulting provide seasoned professionals from across the many disciplines of the digital landscape to offer insights, strategies, and tactical solutions for our client’s digital functions. Our services in the Business and IT management sphere are highly regarded and we work hard to keep it that way.

Business and IT Management Services:

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture and supporting Solutions Architecture services providing current state, future state, change modelling and informative data across the business and digital landscape.

Business technology strategy and alignment

Developing and implementing IT strategies that align with an organization's overall business goals and objectives.

Operational Management

Optimizing and streamlining IT operations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and address risk.

Service Management

IT Service Management provides visibility, alignment, and insights in order to improve the delivery and use of technology across business functions and services.

Digital Transformation

Assisting organizations to adopt and integrate new digital technologies to improve their operations and customer experiences.

Clients we’ve assisted with Business and IT Management Services include:

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Project and Programme Management Services

Systematic, controlled and with excellent communication, Edge Consulting will progress your projects and help staff adapt to change efficiently and effectively. Let’s move your projects forward!

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Procurement Services and Contract Management

Our dedicated consultants will take the pressure off your team and assist you through the tender development, information gathering and documentation creation progressions. We help you make informed decisions throughout the process.

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Technology Services

With extensive technical expertise, our team offers valuable guidance and practical solutions including operational management tasks, vendor relationships and technology deployments; ensuring realistic solutions, always.

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