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What we do

Edge Consulting provides a raft of services under four main specialisations. Our job is to help you make the best independent, practical IT decisions for your organisation.

We provide seasoned professionals from across the many disciplines of the digital landscape to offer insights, strategies, and tactical solutions for our client’s digital functions.

Enterprise Architecture 

Drawing on our senior consultants’ experience, we use the Enterprise Architecture framework to uncover, then work with clients to develop insights on how to improve or make better use of their ICT. Helping clients understand their environment in detail, then communicate this complexity in a straight-forward way, goes a long way to ensuring the right decisions are made. With our virtual CIO (vCIO) roles, we then work to implement these things on behalf our clients. Our work provides insights that leads to better value. 

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Communication and Collaboration Consulting  

Specialising in providing expert advice and solutions in communication and collaboration services, helping clients navigate and optimise their telecommunications, data networks, infrastructure, contact centres and services. 

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Project and Programme Management Services

Expert project management for developing, deploying, and updating ICT systems, combining independent advice with close collaboration with suppliers and internal teams for efficient and effective change projects. 

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Procurement Services 

Assisting with requirements definition, documentation, and the selection process from a dual perspective of supplier and client, aiming to create competitive environments for the best solution possible. Our primary goal of the supplier engagement process is to create an environment that allows all suppliers the opportunity to create the best reply they can. We use a combination of procurement practice and knowledge of the industry to help our clients make the right choice for their organisation. 

In this process we often help with contracts to ensure compliance, optimal performance, and alignment with project goals and organisational goals. 

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