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Procurement Services and Contract Management

Our role is decision support; here to help our clients make the best choice for their organisation.

Our independent and impartial knowledge, along with our capabilities in project management ensures the best solutions, always. Make use of the wealth of experience and knowledge of our Edge Consultants. Decision making has never been easier.

Procurement Services and Contract Management:

Requirement gathering

Regular technical meetings to gather the required data. In order to ask the right questions, the needs, goals and current difficulties need to be understood.

Tender development

Using the client’s technical and business requirements, our team puts together a tender document, working closely with a purchasing team and key decision makers.

Managing the supplier engagement process

During a tender process engaging with suppliers is a key workstream. Edge Consulting manage meetings and briefings and use a well-accepted process to vet suppliers for the best results.

Providing and assisting tender scoring templates

A fair comparison of relative strengths and weakness of options, against price points is crucial. Our job is to assist with this process using practical, proven methods.

Decision support

Edge Communications assist a client with decision making; Summarising key points between suppliers, translating technical terms, assisting with tender questions, and understanding how these relate to a client’s business and technical requirements.

Assistance with Contract negotiations

Working from preferred supplier to contracted supplier usually takes longer than expected. We help by preparing for this early in the tender process and assisting with the questions and statements that flow from a commercial agreement development.

Clients we’ve assisted with Procurement Services and Contract Management include:

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