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Our People

We are a team of experts in IT, telecommunications and project management.

Our team is made up from Senior Project Managers, Project Assistants, Technical Staff and Senior IT Management Staff. Our approach allows us to match our expertise and experience to create a formidable team for each and every project. Get to know us below.

Meet the team

Kerry McFetridge

Senior Consultant
+64 21 436 550

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Kerry and Mrs Mc have a 10-acre block in Tai Tapu and spend most weekends planting shelter to tame Canterbury’s fearsome north-easters. He loves it. As well, Kerry is a keen mountain biker, although this is more aligned to finding the next coffee shop than any difficult tracks.

Kerry has a career in Information Technology and Telecommunications, working with local and multi-national organisations throughout his career. The truth is, he loves technology but knows it must work and deliver tangible benefits. Kerry enjoys working with different client teams while growing the Edge Communications’ business.

Kerry supplies telecommunication, commercial and project management skills, and is responsible for ensuring our clients get the expected benefit from our projects.

Jason Fazackerley

Principle Consultant
+64 21 226 6805

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Unlike the rest of the Edge Team, Jason has yet to discover the joy of cycling or running.  When he takes his two spoodles for their run around the block, it is on his new electric scooter that he replaced his Harley Davidson motorbike with. Most weekends, if not dabbling with Sound Engineering or Catering for community groups (and yes, the occasional online game), his wonderful and longsuffering wife will likely have a list of gardening activities for him.  Sundays are fast becoming family days for his kids and grandkids as he trials his hand at Smoker BBQing.

Having been in the IT world for many years, he has held technical leadership, service delivery, project management and senior management roles.  His strengths relate to technical strategy and managing complex IT environments through transformation.

Jason leads our Consulting Practice.

Dave Gibbon

Principle Consultant
+64 21 331 865

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Dave has had 37 years working in the ICT arena with a focus on Telecommunications. For the latter part of this period, Dave has enjoyed solution consultancy roles providing strategy and solution design input to product development and customer solutions. Working across SME, multinational, and public sector organisations, a common theme has been delivering great business outcomes and user experiences. Dave’s experience includes mobile voice and data, fixed voice, Unified Communication and Collaboration, Wide Area Networking, and IoT.

Dave spends much of his spare time in the great outdoors with his family biking, hiking, boating, Nordic skiing, and snowboarding with a bit of gardening and DIY when time permits.

Dave leads our Telecommunication Practice.

Paul Morrison

Senior Consultant
+64 21 368 563

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Paul has worked in the ICT industry for over 35 years. He has an extensive background in software solutions, IT Governance, Business and Sales Management, and Business Development.

In his spare time, Paul is a keen mountain biker, enjoys snow skiing, and is working hard to improve his golf handicap.

Graham Black

Senior Consultant
+64 27 435 1604

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What came first… the hunger or the food?! When Graham isn’t enjoying outdoors pursuits (too many to list!), you’ll likely find his head in the pantry or staring into a food cabinet at a café. Graham tells us that keeping fit and eating “well”, allows him to enjoy the other thing close to his heart; spending time with his family. Note… there are no implications implied in the order in which Graham’s interests are listed.

Graham’s background is from both the supplier and customer side of IT. He has a particular interest in IT governance, IT Service Management and project management.

Rachael Johnson

Senior Project Manager
+64 22 609 1357

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Rachael Ingram is a Senior Project Manager and a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP). She understands that different companies don’t always fit into one box when it comes to project management, and will work with her clients to ensure the practices and tools used are fit for purpose.

Outside of work, Rachael loves to take advantage of her husband’s new found obsession – the low and slow BBQ, offering her services to be the guinea pig for all new recipes he wants to try out.  Her two sons keep her busy, and the family love to sneak in as much travel as possible – whether it’s just an hour drive outside of Christchurch to do a hike at Rakia Gorge or to head up to Auckland or across to Oz to visit friends and family.

Rachael has worked across a range of industries and sectors including aviation, agriculture, health, civil, social work, and software and development.  Strong communication is at the heart of what Rachael does, with the ability to communicate and build report with stakeholders at all levels.  She has often been described as a “driver”, and loves to deliver results for her clients.

Greg Jones

Senior Consultant
+64 27 457 5460

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Greg has worked for IT consulting companies Datacom and Digital Equipment Corporation as well as in-house CIO roles leading IT strategy, delivery and operations for Ansett New Zealand and Manaaki Whenua. With over 30 years industry experience Greg brings extensive skills in the areas of ICT Strategic Planning, Governance, Risk Management and Project management.

Outside of work Greg enjoys the occasional game of golf, biking rail trails & spending time outdoors with the family at Tekapo. He also loves his rugby and cricket, especially if accompanied with a good craft beer in hand.

Andy McDonald

Senior Consultant
+64 27 478 8544

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Andy’s passion isn’t running or mountain biking. He gets his outdoor fix from adventure motorcycling, hunting, and fishing instead. Like Kerry, Andy loves the Rural lifestyle living on a 10-acre block, in North Canterbury with his wife and their collection of animals. Andy has 27 years IT and Telecommunications experience with a strong background in WAN, LAN, Voice and Cloud projects.

Dom Yanzick

Business Analyst and Project Administrator
+64 20 4090 9117

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Dom, unlike his seasoned comrades in the Edge team, who've amassed countless tales from the trenches of the ITC industry over decades, Dom launched into his tech journey with a backpack brimming with enthusiasm, ready to tackle challenges head-on.

His approach to tech is akin to his zeal for outdoor adventures. As he delves into the complexities of enterprise architecture and navigates the intricacies of project management, Dom's fresh eyes see not just data flows and system integrations but a landscape ripe for exploration.

In the boardroom, Dom's presentations might lack the polished jargon of his seasoned colleagues, but they're imbued with a passion and clarity that cuts through the technical fog. He draws parallels between the agility needed to pivot on skis and the flexibility required to adapt to changing project scopes. Dom's entry into the tech world might have been unconventional, yet he's determined to make a significant impact.

Michael van Haastrecht

Senior Project Manager
+64 21 518 391

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WIth over 30 years of Project Management experience across a range of organisations and industries, Michael has a successful record of delivering local, national and international projects of diverse sizes and complexities throughout his career. He focuses on project structure, roles and responsibilities as key elements to enable successful projects, and has a facilitative project management approach. 

Michael provides professional management to a lifestyle village as Chair of the Body Corporate.  This includes 45 villas, the maintenance of common grounds (gardens, lawns, ...) and infrastructure (paths, village road, services, lodge building,...) and responsiblity for the village's legal obligations under the Unit Legislation Act. With an emphasis on stakeholder management, resident communication, building a caring community and protecting the investment of the villa owners.

Michael enjoys spending time with family and friends and loves his Friday afternoons with his granddaughter and the occasional nature walk in the Port Hills with friends.  A keen amateur singer and tenor guitar player, member of a few social music/singing groups.