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Case Study: Major South Island food manufacturer, distributor and retailer

“To enhance our network's speed, reliability, and flexibility, we recognized the need to upgrade our WAN infrastructure. We aimed to switch to a managed connectivity service for seamless operations, while reducing costs where possible.”

Client Requirements

Our client, with multiple locations across the South Island, recognized the need to revisit their WAN and connectivity strategy.

They identified that the market had evolved, offering new and flexible technology options through various vendors.

They aimed to leverage these advancements and adopt a managed connectivity approach.

Our Deliverable

We partnered with the organisation's project team to assess their network and develop an up-to-date and accurate view. Additionally, we assisted in crafting a request for proposal (RFP) to identify the right partner.

Our expertise in connectivity allowed us to offer innovative solutions and create a conceptual design for a new environment.

We prioritised essential factors, such as network monitoring and management, resilience, flexibility, security, performance, and value-added services to deliver a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.

Our Solution

After reviewing the organization's network and assisting with the RFP process, a suitable partner was selected who could provide a managed connectivity environment that met the client's requirements.

Edge Consulting then provided project management during the implementation phase to ensure a successful transition to the new solution.

The new managed connectivity solution provides the client with a modern, flexible, robust, and secure network environment with improved bandwidth, availability, and visibility.

This approach also reduced the workload on the client's network team by transferring the responsibility for infrastructure, performance, monitoring, optimisation, and management to the new partner.

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